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Don Allen


Over the course of my 20 years as a photographer I've worked with models, shot portraits of families, photographed wildlife and landscapes, documented businesses, sports, news events and military operations.

Serving as a combat photojournalist and aerial photographer in the United States Air Force, I've worked alongside the finest photojournalists in their field. Traveling the planet and photographing military operations, humanitarian efforts, world changing events, amazing places, and incredible people, I've worked hand in hand with true professionals from every branch of our United States armed forces as well as those of many other nations. Capturing imagery from the field, from aircraft, and from naval vessels in sometimes austere, remote, and dangerous conditions, I've been all over.

As a flight test photographer for the U.S. Air Force Test Center at Edwards AFB, I've worked and flown with a team of outstanding aerial photographers and the world's best test pilots and flight test engineers. I've flown in test aircraft documenting the developmental and operational flight testing of cutting edge aircraft and weapons systems.

I'm available to provide you with professional images to grow and promote your business, yourself, your events, projects or products.

I'll help you capture those significant and fleeting moments in your life and family...pregnancies, births, growing children, engagements, graduations, birthdays, holidays, and vacations. 

My extensive experience, photojournalistic style and technical proficiency prepare me for most any job. I'm experienced and proficient shooting in many locations and conditions, on the ground and in the air. 

Contact me today and let's see about creating some amazing images together!